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Cash for Referrals

Ok, so reading the title of this post your probably thinking, How can I get money for referring someone. What will I refer them to? What do I have to pay? I would be thinking that too if someone approached me with idea of getting cash for referals, but its true. Companies love referrals and know that they can generate fast traffic to their store through influencers and referal campaigns. Especially referral links that pay!I have cashed out rewards with two of my favorite rewards apps.

In all honesty, these programs are far better to me than some local store reward programs. You have the opportunity to choose wether you want to spend your reward points on gift cards at your favorite retailers, earn cash back for using the credit option when making instore purchases, and by simply walking into a store. Yes, I said by simply walking into a store. So by now you are probably wondering which apps I am referring to, right? Well let me break them down for you below!

1. DOSH- This is by far my favorite app right now. Not only do you earn cash back when you shop, but you earn cash back when your referrals shop as well.This app offers an exclusive referral bonus that allows you to cash out instantly and does not cap the amount you can cash out on. Currently this app is running a bonus referral program that allows you to earn double for every person you refer! I've earned $400 within 3 hours referring 40 people. Not sold, well here is a timeline of my progress throughout the process. The bonus is only good through November 21st 2018 12:00PM CST so hop on board by clicking my link here. Compared to Ibotta and Ebates you get more cash back and the referral process is a lot more rewarding! The app currently supports, Google, Android and Apple devices.

2. Shopkick- This app is my second favorite, because of the different ways you can earn points, the option to cash points (kicks) for gift cards, or transfer them for money! Shopkick pays you in points for visiting stores, scanning items inside the store and making purchases. This is a great way to earn gift cards. The only part that sucks about their referal process is that you have 7 days after refering someone to collect the poiints. The referal has to go into the store and scan an item or open the app. So this one takes a bit more effort, but the rewards are awesome. I have utilized this app since 2014. I am a redemption vet with multiple gift cards. Before I had kids, I would redeem my points for gift cards at Tiffany and Sephora. Lately they have all been redeemed for Target gift cards. Click my link here to get 250 bonus kicks.

3. Ibotta- Unlike the other apps with Ibotta you can earn cash back on in store and in app purchases. Get rewards and savings every-time you go shopping with Ibotta. You do not need to open the app in store, simply upload your reciept and watch the magic happen. Ibotta currently has a referral offer going where you earn $5 per referal and an additional $25 when your 5th friedn redeems an offer. Seems like a pretty sweet deal, but who really will want to keep track of their fifth friend making transactions?

Ibotta cash back program

4. Honey- Ok if you are an online shopper, and you frequently shop online at stores like NIke.com or ulta.com I want you to stop what you are dong and add this in browser app to your computer! This app is genius, it would be my first but the fact I can get solid cash for simply sharing my link bumps this one down to number 4 over the others. Honey scans the internet for coupons WHILE you shop and automatically apply the coupon to your cart! Say whaaaat? Yasss honey...I put this app to the test on Ulta's website and this was the result! It instantly found cash back offers for this purchase and applied them to my cart. Click my referal link here.

Honey users are frequently adding new coupons and sometimes exclusive ones that are not available to the public. I don't know about you but before this holiday shopping starts, honey will be on every browsing dashboard of mine!

What are some of your favorite apps that are rewarding? Let's discuss them!



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