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Stock Images that look like "Me"

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Ok, as a professional and entrepreneur, I know I am not the only one who cringes when looking for stock photos of flat lays with an African American hand or every day pictures in general. It's like on every platform, even google, if I want to look for something that involves an African American, I have to type " Black mom..., or Black toddler hairstyles."Don't believe me? Type in mom stock images or toddler hairstyles in google, your going to get white images first and then after sifting through 15-20 you will get one or two images of what your looking for, thats on a good day, you may be looking through tons more.

So why has there not been a solution to this problem? Well, I must have been so frustrated about the situation that I dreamed about it. Literally, I woke up and started writing things down and archiving the instagram page I had created for Treasure Boxx. I had the idea and company planned out years before this, and even started reaching out to photographers to get their permission to ask their clients if their pictures could be used in the future for stock images. Initially, I wanted to create it in a mobile app, but this thing called life happened to me and I became a mother of a growing family again and again. So, here I am now at the age of 30 with my mom blog, tons of content pictures in my phone from multiple business that I own and every day life. Instead of getting frustrated with the lack of diversity in the stock image world for under represented ethnicities, I am deciding to take action... Instead, of deleting my pictures when making room for storage in my phone, I am going to create a platform for others to use them who may need content for their brand or blog.

Every year I get the notification about the FedEx small business grant. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for me to pitch the business and go for it. I am proud to say that, I have successfully submitted Treasure Boxx to the FedEx Small Business Grant. Let's provide solutions for us in the stock image community all 2019.

You can support me on the journey with Treasure Boxx by clicking the vote for me badge to the left. If you would like to support me on this journey as well by submitting your photos as a part of the stock image library, shoot me an email so that we can provide a solution to this problem together.


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