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What's for Dinner?

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Operating as a temporary single parent, requires planning on top of planning. I am sure mothers in general will agree to this when it comes to dinner. There is no better feeling than knowing what you are cooking for dinner for your family. I know I feel huge sense of relief when our meals are planed and I have everything I need for the recipe. My go to meal currently is a beef pasta dish that is super easy, convenient and quick. Sprinkle, a little cheese on top add a salad to the side, Vola'! You have a delicious and healthy meal prepared for your family.

Beef Pasta Recipe- Extremely Delicious and kid friendly

When I feel stuck and don't know what to prepare for the week, I look at EatingWell articles that provide an entire month of recipes that are kid friendly and healthy! I have yet to find a recipe that I don't care for too much within their list. I will mention that I often substitute ground beef for ground turkey meat instead.

So what about actually getting what you need for the meals? You know, grocery shopping. When I go into the grocery store, I go in with one mission. I am not going to get food just to stock up the cabinets in the house, and fulfill cravings but I am shopping for things to complete all of the meals I have planned out for the upcoming weeks. I have found this strategy to be extremely helpful over the years of parenting. Especially, when you don't want to make multiple trips to the throughout the week! While at the grocery store, I like to take my mommy list that I created specifically for grocery shopping. It also helps me stay within my budget and not over spend on unnecessary spending.

But...I must admit that I am slowly transitioning from going to the store for groceries, to being a total Shipt babe! My sister sent me a link for the app and let me tell you it is the best thing since sliced bread. I have moments when my kids are sleepy, or I just don't like going out in the rain. I place my order via Shipt! Interested in joining? Click here to get $50 off your membership!

Oh! Might I add, I am a coupon lover too! I’ve saved on an average $63 just by utilizing manufacturing coupons in conjunction to store advertisements and deals. Let me be the first to tell you the savings does not stop there. Do you get rewarded for going to the store? Well you should, especially if you can turn those rewards/points info name brand gift cards to redeem things from Tiffany, Sephora, Best Buy or Target!Most programs allows you to redeem points for cash or gift cards! Interested in more and how this may work? Check out the blog post in the shopping category!



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